Jane - Hawaii

I am a walking success story for HCG activator. Two months ago I came back from out of the country and showed the customs agent my passport, and she laughed, asking how long ago my picture was taken. That was it! On Monday I purchased the 26 day program, and now two weeks into the program, I have lost almost 20 pounds and counting. I will keep you posted.

Emilee - Utah

I am down 26 pounds in less than a month! Plus, I am even wearing my sister's jeans and tops for the first time in years. This next month I have a high school reunion, and I will be ready!

Nick - California

For two weeks both my husband and I have been living the HCG diet and have lost almost 25 pounds just between the two of us. He has cut out sodas and we are still eating great meals thanks to the recipes on the website. After our 26 day program we will send you an update.

Happy in Albuquerque

Not only did I lose 17 pounds in less than 30 days, 26 to be exact, but my cholesterol, which has been out of control for years is now down into the healthy range. I’ve often heard it said that your skin is a reflection of what you take into your body and only a week or so after I began the diet I noticed great improvements in my skins clarity and smoothness. I believe, because I was able to give up all of the fast foods, sodas, and processed foods that I’d lived on for years. I’m 17 pounds lighter and I feel GREAT!"


I started using your product and it really works. It's only been two days and I have already lost 4 pounds.

Deana - Seattle

"I wish we had taken before and after pics! We have had fabulous results - My husband has lost 10 pounds and I have lost 20 pounds in three weeks. I recommend this to anyone wanting to lose weight. I thought I would have my usual late night cravings - but the drops and the stevia have helped. YAY!"

Tami, Boise

"I am so happy I was introduced to the hCG activator drops diet. I did the 26-day program and lost 32 pounds. They were the pounds I had been trying to lose since the birth my last two babies, I tried to eat healthy and exercise. But it was hard to make the time between working and taking care of the girls! With HCG activator it was easy. I lost the weight and have kept it off for nearly two months. I love the new me and couldn’t be happier with the results."