Total Trans4m HCG Activator is a Superior Product!

Total Trans4m HCG Activator isn't a basic HCG. Each bottle contains essential ingredients all
mixed directly into Total Trans4m HCG Activator at NO extra cost.


Vitamin B-12 and B-6 supplement

This is to supplement energy levels while on HCG activator drops. Vitamin B12 is a key element for preserving a balance in the human body.

Amino Acids

Help improve blood flow, increase muscle tone, burn fat, promote healthier skin and boost your immune system.

Additional Ingredients

These ingredients collectively augment your weight and fat loss in a powerful way. Each is important to your weight loss success.



The Basics of Total Trans4m
HCG Activator:

Amino Acids:

  • * L-Lysine - Promotes healthy skin and lips.
  • * L-Arginine - Boosts immune system & improves blood flow.
  • * L-Ornithine - Improves musle tone and burns fat.
  • * L-Carnitine - Helps convert fatty acids into energy.
  • * L-Glutamine - Burns fat and helps build muscle*Tyrosine - Helps production in th brain for anti-stress
  • *Tryptophan - Increases serotonin and brain chemistry
  • *Beta-Alanine - Raises muscle carnosine levels
  • *GABA - Calms nervous activity
  • * Amino acid potencies of 3x, 12x, 30x


  • * Vitamin B6 and B12- Supplements energy levels while on the diet.

    Additional Ingredients:

    *African Mango - Reduces body fat, weight, cholesterol and leptin levels.
  • *Hoodia - Natural appetite suppressant
  • *Grapefruit Powder - Body fat is broken down by the enzymes.
  • *Green Tea Leaf Extract EGCG - Augments weight and fat loss.
  • *Glycyrrhizin Extract - Anti-Inflammatory agent
  • *Ginseng Panax: Referred to as the true ginseng. Boosts immune system, lowers cholesterol, fights fatigue
  • *Gymnema Sylvestre - Slows transport of glucose from intestines to blood stream.
  • *Coleus Forskohli - Increases bodys hormone senstivie lipase.
  • *Astralagus - System immune booster.
  • *Maca Powder Extract - Creates positive effect on hormone balance and energy levels
  • *Grape Seed Extract - Powerful antioxidant, lowers blood pressure & cholesterol. Helps with circulation.
Total Trans4m HCG Bottles

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